Markham Windows and Doors

Are your Windows & Doors worn out or looking old? Are you chilly winter when the heat escapes through your windows? Are you looking for new windows & doors in Markham? Look no further than Windows & Doors Ontario in Markham! We are one of the top suppliers installing windows and doors in Markham since 2001!

As a windows and doors company in Markham, we have supplied top-quality doors that meet all security and energy efficiency standards. We at Windows & Doors Ontario in Markham are a window company that manufactures and sells our products inside Canada.

Because our windows & doors have been manufactured in Canada, they are made with well-paid Canadian labour. This also assures the quality of workmanship and workers’ rights. We always love to  give something back to our local communities.

We only employ the best installers and experts with credentials in our local area. Because of this, our top-notch designs will make your house look like a home from the outside. Our windows & doors will also help make your home more secure and energy-efficient. Our services and products will help the environment as we manufacture all our materials with the environment in mind.

We use energy-saving materials, including LOE-180 and LOE-272 glass, in our windows and doors. They offer good heat insulation and sound resistance. As your local windows and door company in Markham, we make it our mission to satisfy you as the customer. We strive to ensure you will enjoy your new windows and doors for years to come while reducing our carbon footprint and yours with better insulation of your home. We are doing our bit in working towards a better and cleaner Earth. To help with this, we offer removal services for your old doors and windows, which will be disposed of properly.

We offer free quotes to Markham customers. The quotes we give have no hidden costs. Our Markham Windows & Doors installers will deliver the best customer service, including installation times to suit your schedule to accurate timelines and product support. Your experience will be quick, easy and painless from your initial contact with us to installation to the removal of your old windows & doors.

Contact our Markham team to obtain an in-home quote today; there is no commitment at this stage! One of our windows & door experts will contact you and guide you through the entire process, answering any questions you may have! You will have your new Windows & doors in no time and will be living in a warmer, greener, quieter home!